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Processing of personal data when you enrol as a member of a sports club is lawful and does not require consent.  However, consent is required from a parent when a child below 15 years is signing up for a membership.

You may be registered in our system without being enrolled as a member, e.g. if you should participate in a course or if you intend to take a role or position which does not require a membership.

Since we do not know your objective for enrolment you will have to review and accept the declaration of consent.



1.       Purpose

You will have to give consent to the processing of your personal data if you are enrolled in the Norwegian confederation of sports’ IT systems for other purposes than membership.

The Norwegian confederation of sports and its associated sport organisations’ purpose is to manage the personal data that is necessary for and/or related to your participation/role in the Norwegian sports organisations.


2.       Why do we need your data?

Depending on your role or position in the sports organisation, your personal data will be used for relevant processing, such as

  • You may manage your family’s or children’s memberships, including the ability to give consent for enrolment of children under 15 years
  • Management of roles and positions which do not require a membership, but do require enrolment in the register
  • Insurance/license for athletes without membership
  • Course management and tracking of competences, if applicable              
  • Unique identification to be used for access to IT systems and use of payment solutions
  • Distribution of relevant information from the sports organisation
  • Statistics and analysis.


3.       Who will have access to your personal data?

When you consent, it means that your personal data may be delivered to:

  • Federations and sports organisations, which could be any organisation within the Norwegian confederation of sports.
  • Third party vendors of IT systems with which the sports organisations have entered agreements.
  • Buypass AS, a nationally certified and approved supplier of services for secure identification and authentication.
  • National registers or public authorities, as required by law.


4.       Right of access and to rectification

Your personal data can be found and may be updated in Min idrett.  You may also contact the responsible organisation for correction of incorrect data. It is also possible to contact our IT support to obtain assistance for correction of data or to request access to any personal data processed.

Your personal data is verified against and updated from Det Sentrale Folkeregisteret (the National Registry).

Min idrett will provide a report which presents all your current and historic personal data in the national sports databases.


5.       Withdrawal of consent

You may at any time withdraw your consent. This may be done after logging in to MinIdrett.no.

Please note than when you withdraw your consent, the Norwegian confederation of sports and associated sport organisations will no longer be able to process your personal data.

A withdrawal will terminate your relationship to our organisation, including the termination of any roles or positions.

The right to withdraw a consent does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.


6.       For how long do we store your personal data?

Your personal data is stored for the period that you have a relationship to any Norwegian sports organisation or until your withdrawal of consent.

When you have withdrawn your consent, or we have found that you do not have an active relationship, we will store your data for 12 months before it is deleted. However, you may at any time during this period claim your right to be “forgotten”, and we will then delete your data immediately.  The 12 month retention period is a precaution which enables us to retain your information and history, should you establish a new relationship with a sports organisation within this period.

For certain objectives, e.g. for particular roles and positions, we may be obliged to retain data for historical and statistical purposes. If data about your participation is necessary for statistical purposes, data may be retained in a pseudonymised form.

Data controller and further information:
Norges Idrettsforbund, 0840 Oslo, telephone +47 21 02 90 90

If you would like to have more information about how we handle data and privacy, please review our Privacy statement. In addition, further information is found in the codes of conduct (Norwegian version only), which is found here: Norm for informasjonssikkerhet i idretten