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The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF) is an umbrella organisation which organises all national sports federations(1) in Norway. NIF has app. 2.100.000 memberships(2) and consists of 55 national federations, 17 regional confederations(3), app. 375 sports councils(4) and 10.787 clubs. The General Assembly of NIF is the supreme governing body of organised sport, and is held every fourth year.

  1. The federations organise and manage individual sports
  2. The amount of memberships must not be confused with the number of members. A person may be registered as a member in several sports.
  3. The regional confederations serve as collective bodies for sports within each of Norway's 17 counties.
  4. The sport councils form part of NIF’s organisational structure, and consist of all sports clubs in the municipalities which are members of NIF.

Contact information:
Tel:  +47 21 02 90 00
Fax: +47 21 02 90 01
E-mail: nif-post@idrettsforbundet.no

Sognsveien 73, 0854 Oslo

Postal address:
Norges idrettsforbund og olympiske og paralympiske komité
0840 Oslo, Norway

    Children’s Rights in Sport and Provisions on Children’s Sport are means to ensure the best possible unified organisation of children’s sport in Norway.

    The rights constitute a political policy instrument which expresses the values which we would like to be the foundation for children’s sport in Norway.

    The provisions are absolute rules which must be complied with, obeyed and enforced in sports.

    Children´s Rights in Sport

    Within Norwegian sports there is Zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment irrespective of gender, ethnic background, religious faith, sexual orientation and disability.

    Adults must respect the athlete’s personal space and never overstep the limits for acceptable behaviour. By sexual harassment we mean unwelcome sexual attention that is offensive to the object to such attention.

    By sexual abuse we mean to trick or coerce a person into a sexual relationship the person does not want, or is not sufficiently mature to consent to.

    Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports

    Poster - Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sports

    As a part of our work against sexual harassment and abuse in sport, NIF has produced five short films. The films are intended to make it easier to address the topics of sexual harassment and abuse in federations, clubs etc., and are available for free.

    See the short films

    Barents Sports is the largest cultural cooperation in the Barents Region. Barents Sports plays an important role in people-to-people cooperation, and holds great potential for developing event industry and tourism in the region.

    Barents Sports is a joint project between Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia for youth between 15-25 years, involving more than 3500 young people every year. The collaboration has been going on officially for 60 years, but unofficially for much longer. Also during the Cold War sporting events and exchanges continued.

    Read more at www.barentsgames.com

    NIF is following the sports policy in the frames of international governmental organizations closely. NIF believes in finding common solutions to the benefit of all actors in the international cooperation.

    On this page NIF presents our proposals for improving the cooperation between the sports movement and the international governmental organizations.

    NIF’s position on a future EU Sport Programme

    Sport as a catalyst for achieving the Millennium Development Goals

    Common position of the Olympic and Sports Movement on the implementation of the new Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

    ENGSO Statement on the Commission’s Communication “Developing the European Dimension in Sport”

    Nordic position on VAT in the EU

    This action plan has been drawn up by the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NOC), the Football Association of Norway, Norsk Tipping AS (the Norwegian National Lottery), the Norwegian Gaming and Foundation Authority, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and the Ministry of Culture, in cooperation.

    All parties have contributed equally to the plan. The party responsible for implementation is specified under each measure.

    National Action Plan against Match-fixing in sport 2013-2015

    NOC Norway works through partnerships with national Olympic and Paralympic committees, sport federations, authorities and civil society organisations to enhance the capacity of the sport federations as the pillars of regular sport activity.

    Buidling Communities Through Sports

    The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports (NIF), encourages the reporting of any conduct that may be unethical, illegal, or in other ways in violation of our values or standards.

    Read more here