Idrettsmerket in English

On this page you find all necessary information about Idrettsmerke. You may also register your annual test.

Aiming for the Idrettsmerket is a nice way to keep in shape. The criteria are at a level that participants should need to exercise regularly to manage. The criteris vary by age group.

Idrettsmerket was founded 29th of May 1915, and in 1934 it was opened for women. Over the last 100 years, the criteria have been revised several times.

You can buy badges and trophies by sending an e-mail to:, and mark your e-mail “Idrettsmerket”.

Idrettsmerket 2017 has to be registered by January 31st 2018.

How to carry out the Idrettsmerket?

The exercise selection varies but you should be able to arrange trials anywhere. The easiest way is at an athletics stadium, but a grass or gravel field will do.

You must be at least two people to go through with Idrettsmerket, in order for one athlete to control the other and change afterwards.


Choice of exercises and criteria

To achieve Idrettsmerket, you have to pass one task from each group:

(1) Regular physical activity, (2) Agillity, (3) Speed, (4) Strength (5a) Stamina and (5b) Stamina without timing.

Here are the rules, information and score cards. You can also fill in a yearbook if you like. (pdfs are in Norwegian)


Calculation of awards

Idrettsmerket participants can buy awards, by sending an e-mail to . You may only take 1 award per year. 


1.     time - idrettsmerke in bronze
5.     time - idrettsmerke in silver
9.     time - idrettsmerke in gold
15.   time - idrettsmerke the statue
20.   time - idrettsmerke the cup
25.   time - idrettsmerke the mini-statue in bronze
30.   time - idrettsmerke the honorary award
40.   time - 40. year mark with NOC Diploma
50.   time - 50. year mark with NOC Diploma
60.   time - 60. year mark with NOC Diploma
70.   time - 70. year mark with NOC Diploma


If you have questions about Idrettmerket, you can send them to:

Register your yearly idrettsmerke