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Møre og Romsdal Idrettskrets (MRIK) is a sports federation with jurisdiction in the Norwegian municipalities of Møre and Romsdal. It serves as a regional branch of the umbrella organization NIF(1), which organizes all national sports federations in Norway. MRIK is comprised of 494 sport clubs with a total of 97,801 memberships(2).

  1. NIF: Norges Idrettsforbundet, or The Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports.
  2. The amount of memberships must not be confused with the number of members. A person may be registered as a member in several sports.

NIF’s English webpage provides additional information.



Tel: 90 88 35 89

E-mail: mrik@idrettsforbundet.no



Idrettsvegen 2, 6413 Molde

    Joining a club

    NIF’s brochure, “Join,” is about inclusion work for sports clubs. This brochure is available in nine languages:










    If you wish to participate, contact Ellen C. Hammer at: Ellen.Hammer@idrettsforbundet.no


    Active in the Daytime

    Active in the Daytime offers organized physical activity opportunities to those on social welfare programs. For information on registration, pricing, or schedules, contact Ellen C. Hammer at:


    NIF is an organization largely based on volunteering. In Norway, volunteer work accounts for the equivalent of 115,000 full time positions; half of the Norwegian population participates in volunteering annually, which is the highest percentage in the world. Various opportunities to participate are available to suit individual preferences.



    Dugnad is a mutually beneficial volunteering exchange that constitutes a very important resource for sport teams. Clubs or groups with a cause to fund can perform volunteer work in exchange for financial support. Dugnad should be considered social, fun, and voluntary for a good cause.


    Youth Networks

    Møre og Romsdal Idrettskrets wishes to implement Youth Networks throughout the regions of Nordmøre and Sunnmøre. These groups are aimed toward engaged youths with the intention of creating fellowship, understanding, and networking opportunities. Various meetings allow youngsters to be major contributors in upcoming sport-related events.

    Contact Vegard A. Rangsæter, the head of Youth Networks, at: Vegard.Rangsaeter@idrettsforbundet.no

    The main vision of MRIK, and NIF in general, is to provide “sports joy for all.” This broad goal extends consideration to local communities, people with disabilities, and people of varying genders and nationalities to provide a safe, enjoyable, and inclusive sporting environment.

    For more information on Sports for Disabled, contact Per-Einar Johannessen at: pej@idrettsforbundet.no

    Vision: "Joy of Sport - for all"
    Core Values of Sport 
    The Government’s Rationale for Support 
    The Norwegian Model of Sport 
    Major Challenge #1: "An Open and Inclusive Sport"
    Major Challenge #2: "Long Term Financing and Infrastructure"


    Roar Lervik

    Organization Manager


    Tel: 992 70 638



    Siri Ask Fredriksen

    Planning and Development Supervisor


    Tel: 419 00 996 



    Ellen C. Hammer

    Public Health and Physical Activity Coordinator


    Tel: 908 83 589



    Grete Opheim

    Sports Education Consultant


    Tel: 414 65 542



    Geir H. Moholt

    Office Support Supervisor


    Tel: 901 97 601


    Vegard Agledal Rangsæter

    Sports Education Consultant


    Tel: 414 61 102